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Main Home

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Living Area


Grow dome

Inside Quonset hut workshop

Grow dome


Veggie gardens

Raised bed gardens

Fence from reclaimed materials

Property Details

This property is located on 1.74 acres and includes a home, grow dome and large Quonset hut type warehouse.

The home, a unique blend of earthbag, papercrete, ferro-cement and wood framing is a work in progress. Current in-house heating is a combination of wood burning, solar hot air and propane depending on what part of the house you are in. The latest room addition features a ferro-cement shell on a radiant heat-ready cement pad. Though there are solar hot water panels on the roof, they are not connected at present.

The large 2500 sq.ft. Quonset hut with radiant heat-ready concrete floor and passive solar siting, is located within a creative fence built from recycled building materials that also protects the raised-bed vegetable gardens from local wildlife. The Quonset hut was constructed so that the rear half of the building sits 4 feet higher allowing for sunlight to pass through a clerestory and brightening a second floor studio space. The addition of 4 translucent panels adds to the lightness of the room. Possibilities for usage are only limited by your imagination. Electric is available within 75 feet of the building.

The 22 foot diameter grow dome is located within an inner fenced area. The attached potting shed allows for more growing area in the dome itself.